Investment Banking, Capital Raising & Private Equity

    Banklink Africa offers debt/equity related services either as lead Arranger/Advisor and/or co-arranger through the following:

  • Fund Placement (private)

  • Equity Partnership services

  • Interim/Bridge Equity and Collateral Leasing

  • Transaction Re-financing

  • Private Equity deal generation, distressed turnaround and exit planning

  • Project financing options

  • Debt Advisory

  • Structured Offshore Finance

Financial Advisory Services in Africa

    Banklink Limited brings an array of talents, skills and relationships to the table in the following core areas:

  •  Strategic Business Plan preparation (private)

  • Management Buy-Outs

  • Leverage Buy-Ins

  • Debt Advisory covering financial modeling and credit assessment

  • Strategic Reviews and Re-structuring

  • Business Divestment

  • Alternate Asset Advisory

Enterprise Development & PPP Project Structuring

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge, skills and temperament to structure and advice governmental institutions as well as private investors on the whole spectrum of public-private partnership schemes. Our PPP models and contractual framework(s) are capable of delivering long term infrastructure assets and related services in emerging economies of sub-sahara Africa.

In Banklink Africa, we believe that the future of delivering strategic infrastructure in Africa lies in the constructive engagement of the PPP tool for quality service delivery in key sectors of transportation, utilities, education, health, housing and defence.

We have the credibility and communication savvy required to simplify complex PPP transactions and make it understandable to all the parties involved. From the preparation of the strategic business plan, SPV set-up, contractual framework, project financing , execution and management; our team offer advise through the circle employing approaches that focuses on the value drivers and deal breaker, thus enhancing critical investment decisions.

Structured Offshore Finance

We are able to create funding structures using our offshore platforms which enable the funding of transactions that would not ordinarily qualify for local and international financing.

Some of these structured funding solutions garnished with our specially designed credit enhancement schemes have enabled unhindered access by local companies to global debt funds; which is further laced with structured guarantees of Nigerian Banks. If your company has eligible contracts within Nigeria or the sub-region and would require massive capital and equipment importation; you may wish to take advantage of Banklink’s structured funding solutions.